How do I submit ebooks for consideration?

Submitting books for the eBook inBox is super easy. Just sign up for a publisher/author account and log in. There is an upload form, beginning with an ePub upload, that will walk you through the information you’ll need to provide to have your books considered. You can upload as many titles as you like.

How does the eBook inBox benefit Authors & Publishers?

The eBook inBox has a lot to offer Authors & Publishers. New readership, a reading and reviewing bookish community atmosphere, and buzz about your new titles. Add all that and the fact that we’ll be paying you to promote and buzz your books to our subscribers, and we’re confident we bring something to the publishing world that will be unique and effective. We will also have several other promotional opportunities available soon.

What are the criteria for books being accepted?

Simple. Great books at 45,000 words+, professionally edited, professional cover art, etc. We will only be featuring newer releases and ARC’s for our subscribers and will consider backlist titles on a case-by-case basis. Sequels will only be considered if they are added in a bundle deal with the previously published books in the series at no additional payout. We will give special notice to ebooks submitted with exclusive extras included for our subscribers, such as deleted scenes, behind the scenes looks, exclusive first-look book trailers, Live Author Chats, exclusive short stories, printables, wallpapers, etc.

What genres is the eBook inBox interested in?

We’re interested in all Romance genres, Young Adult, New Adult, Paranormal, Fantasy, Dystopian, Horror, Science Fiction, Mystery, and many more.

How do we get paid?

You can choose to get paid via paypal or have a check mailed to you.

When do we get paid?

Publishers and Authors will be paid out 45 days after their title is featured on the site. If your title is featured in January, you will be paid by the 15th of March and so on.

Can I change the info I submitted on a specific title?

Absolutely. Just log in and click on the title you wish to add to or change info on.

What do we get paid?

Instead of charging publisher/authors to distribute titles to serious readers & reviewers, and to promote your new releases & ARCs, The eBook inBox will PAY a flat rate of $0.99 per ebook distributed. Say you upload a Dystopian novel and we chose it as a featured title, your book would be sent to all our subscribers that chose “Dystopian” as a reading preference and we would promote the book on our main pages, in our newsletter, and on our social media pages. We will also be unveiling a bookish chat room for our subscribers very soon and that will generate a lot of talk/buzz as well! You would also be paid for every book we sent out. If 400 subscribers chose “Dystopian” and your title was sent to each of them, you would be paid $0.99 x 400 subscribers = $396 for that particular title.

What happens if my book is accepted as a featured title?

You’ll be sent an email letting you know and then we will prepare to send your accepted title to as many subscribers as possible, depending on their reading preferences. If you have a wonderful Sci-Fi novel we’ve accepted, your title will be distributed to everyone who is subscribed and chose “Science Fiction” as one of the genres they enjoy reading. You will have access to those numbers from your account page so you will know exactly how many readers received your book in their subscription that month.

What about DRM?

All of the eBooks we distribute are DRM Free. The eBooks distributed to our subscribers are theirs to keep. While we do not condone pirating, we do not believe DRM keeps a pirate from pirating. However, The eBook inBox is vehemently against pirating and will ban and blacklist any and all users who misuse their eBook inBox privileges immediately.

How long will a featured title be available to subscribers on the site?

Once we send out the title to our subscribers, we’ll keep the book in our system for up to 60 days. While we will never send the ebook out to the same subscriber twice, we may send it out to new subscribers the next month.

Are there any rules of conduct as a featured Publisher/Author?

The “rules” are super simple. The eBooks we feature cannot be FREE or $0.99 anywhere else at the time of our feature. By featuring books that are not free or super cheap elsewhere, we are bringing a certain amount exclusivity to our subscribers as well as passing to them a really great deal on great reads as part of their eBook inBox membership. Obviously, if they can get the ebooks cheaper than their subscription cost elsewhere, it would greatly diminish the value of their membership. When you become a featured Author/Publisher, you are agreeing not to have your book on other sites for free or for $0.99 for the duration of your feature. That does not include any “freebie” or “extras” you upload to be included for our subscribers, of course. Example: If you have a sequel being featured on the eBook inBox and you are including book #1 for our subscribers as a freebie (we don’t pay out on Book #1) that Book #1 can be free or $0.99 elsewhere.