A digitally-curated reading experience delivered to you monthly!

Our professional bookworms will curate newly released eBooks according to your personal preferences & deliver them right to your inBox each and every month. Join the world’s first digital book subscription club now!

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How it works

Fine-tune your reading preferences!

Sign in and adjust your personal reading preferences however you like. Love the occasional mystery but hate horror so much you don’t ever read it? Want all the paranormal romance you can get your hands on but only contemporary romance every once in a while? We can do that!

We find you the best NEW Releases & Exclusives!

Our experienced eBook inBox curators will be hand-picking each and every title we feature through the website. We’ll have some off the hottest new releases and pre-releases available to our readers each and every month along with some fantastic digital exclusives and extras.

Get eBooks delivered to your inBox monthly!

We’ll deliver your eReading goodies right to your eBook inBox account on the last day of every month. Sign in and let the reading and fun commence! Don’t forget to leave honest reviews and we’ll reward you for being so awesome!

Questions & Answers

How does it work?

Pick what types of books you enjoy reading & subscribe! It’s that easy. You will be billed on a monthly basis and fabulous ebooks will be delivered right to your account at the end of every month!

What eBook formats are provided?

Our plan is to provide DRM-free, non-expiring eBooks in PDF, ePub and Mobi formats, with an option to deliver the Mobi format directly to your Kindle, via Amazon’s “email-in” feature.

How much does it cost?

The eBook inBox is $7.99/month and subscribers have the option to earn account credits by leaving honest, timely reviews of the books they receive and by referring friends to the eBook inBox, lowering your subscription cost even further. The eBooks you receive each month will always retail for much more than your subscription cost and you will always receive a great value for your money.

Can I choose what genres I get in my subscription?

The eBook inBox is super unique in that you can choose what genres you are most and least interested in. You can “tune” your subscription preferences at any time during your subscription.

Can I get a refund if I do not like any of the ebooks I receive as part of my subscription?

No refunds. All sales are final. This is a "surprise" subscription box and you'll receive several eBooks each month. We will be pairing eBooks according to your genre preferences though and you can tune those at anytime in your account settings under "Tune your inBox".

Can I cancel at anytime?

Absolutely! You can cancel OR skip a month from your account under "Settings". However, if you cancel *after* a box payment comes out, we do not refund that payment. You will receive the ebooks you paid for though.

How does the billing cycle work?

You will receive the first month FREE when you sign up, and then you will be billed on the fifth of every month after that. Example: Let’s say you sign up on January 13th. You will receive the free January books when they are released at the end of the month. Then, on February 5th, you will be charged for the first time, for the February books, which you’ll receive at the end of February.

Can I pause my subscription?

Sure! At any time, you can login to your account, and pause your subscription. We’ll periodically email you a friendly reminder, in case you’d like to re-activate.

What is an Oxford Comma Credit & how does it work?

Our Oxford Comma Credits are special credits you can earn toward your account by leaving timely reviews for any featured ebooks we send you on a retail website or by referring friends to sign up for the eBook inBox subscription service. You can earn Oxford Commas per ebook reviewed & approved by eBook inBox staff. We will have MORE ways to earn Oxford Commas coming in the very near future.

How do I submit my reviews for an Oxford Comma Credit?

Log in to your account and use the “Submit a Book Review” button to submit a link to your honest review online. Someone will manually verify your review and award your Oxford Commas accordingly.

Are all the featured eBooks brand new releases?

All eBook inBox featured titles are either new releases (within a 90 day window) or pre-releases (ARCs) before they are even released to the general public. Any older eBooks you receive, novellas, etc., will always be bonus items in your subscription and are not considered featured titles.

When will I receive my eBook inBox each month?

All eBook inBox subscriptions are fulfilled on the last day of each month. You’ll receive an email notification that your books are available, at which point you can login and download them.

Are all the eBooks featured via The eBook inBox by traditional publishers?

In a word? No. We have (and always will) feature books and authors from every publishing avenue, including; self published authors, small indie publishers, medium niche publishing houses, and the big traditional publishers. We do not discriminate according to publishing avenue, we just require GREAT stories.

How many eBooks can I expect to receive each month?

Subscribers will receive a minimum of 3 full-length books every month.

If I cancel my subscription will I get to keep my eBooks?

Yes! You own all the ebooks you receive each month and they are yours to keep and read at any time.

What other perks are there for joining the eBook inBox as a member?

You mean besides the super fantastical books at a fraction of their retail cost, access to books before they are released, and tons of exclusive and digital extras? Well, we’ll also be rewarding our members for several different things, including leaving timely reviews & for sharing the word about the eBook inBox. But we also have an exclusive eBook inBox Member Forum in the works that we hope to unveil soon. You’ll be able to chat books, authors, reviews, and so much more. We’ll even have some special Author Appearances in the forum for some members-only Q&A sessions!

How "Spicy" will the Spicy Hot Romance reads be?

Prepare for anything from steamy sex scenes to super smokin’ hot erotic romance. If that’s your cup of tea, you’ll find it by choosing the “Spicy Hot Romance” preference!